Drug-Free Workplaces: Combat Abuse With Coggno LMS And Training

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Drug-Free Workplaces: Combat Abuse With Coggno LMS And Training

Anjali Dalal | Jan, 10 2024

The Role Of LMS In Promoting Drug-Free Workplaces Through Education


In today’s environment, maintaining drug-free workplaces is essential for the safety, productivity, and well-being of employees. 

A drug-free workplace culture promotes a healthy and safe environment and also helps organizations avoid the negative consequences associated with substance abuse. 

One effective way to promote and sustain a drug-free workplace culture is by leveraging Learning Management Systems (LMS) to provide comprehensive education and training programs. 

In this article, we will explore the role of LMS in promoting drug-free workplaces through education and discuss how organizations can build an effective drug-free workplace training program using CoggnoLMS.

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Substance Abuse In The American Workplace

Substance abuse is a significant issue in American workplaces. It affects millions of employees by drug and alcohol addiction. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, approximately 70% of the 14.8 million Americans who use illegal drugs are employed. 

Furthermore, the National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that substance abuse costs employers over $81 billion annually due to lost productivity, absenteeism, and increased healthcare costs.

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The Negative Consequences Of Workplace Substance Abuse

Workplace substance abuse can lead to several negative consequences, including:

Accidents And Injuries

Employees under the influence of drugs or alcohol are more likely to cause accidents and injuries. It puts themselves and their coworkers at risk.

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Decreased Productivity And Quality

Substance abuse can impair cognitive function. It leads to decreased productivity and poor work quality.

Increased Healthcare Costs

Employees with substance abuse issues require more medical care as they are under the influence. It makes organizations spend more on healthcare for employers.

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Leveraging CoggnoLMS

Coggno is an LMS platform that offers a wide range of features to support workplace education, including drug-free workplace training. Some key features of LMS that support workplace education include:

Customizable Course Content

Coggno LMS allows organizations to create and customize their training programs to meet their specific needs.

Flexible Learning Options

CoggnoLMS platforms offer various learning options, such as self-paced and blended learning, to accommodate different learning styles and preferences.

Tracking And Reporting

CoggnoLMS provides robust tracking and reporting features. It helps organizations to monitor employee progress and measure the effectiveness of their training programs.

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Building An Effective Drug-Free Workplace Training Program With LMS

To create an effective drug-free workplace training program using an LMS platform, organizations should consider the following steps:

Assess The Needs Of Your Organization

Determine the specific substance abuse issues affecting your workplace and identify the training needs of your employees.

Develop A Comprehensive Curriculum

Create a curriculum that covers various topics related to drug and alcohol awareness. It includes the effects of substance abuse on the workplace, the signs and symptoms of addiction, and the resources available for employees seeking help.

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Choose The Right LMS Platform

Select an LMS platform, Coggno, that offers the features and flexibility needed to deliver your drug-free workplace training program effectively.

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Implement The Training Program

Launch your drug-free workplace training program and encourage employees to participate by promoting the benefits of a drug-free workplace.

Monitor And Evaluate The Program

Use the tracking and reporting features of your LMS platform to monitor employee progress and evaluate the effectiveness of your training program.


Drug And Alcohol Awareness Training – Drug-Free Workplace Programs

Several courses are available on Coggno that focus on drug and alcohol awareness and drug-free workplace programs. Some of them are:

Drugs And Alcohol: The Facts Course

This 44-minute course explains drug and alcohol abuse and focuses on its impact beyond the person using it. The course helps workers, including managers, understand the costs of substance abuse for employers and shares details about commonly abused substances. It also teaches how to lower the risks of misuse. 

Completing this course in English gets you a certificate and gives you a solid grasp of handling substance abuse in professional settings.

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Drug And Alcohol Awareness Course

This course is a short but important lesson in keeping safe while working. It teaches about how using drugs or drinking too much can hurt not just the person doing it but also the company and everyone around. In about 16 minutes, it explains what substance abuse is, how it affects people, and ways to stay away from it. 

It’s for everyone at work, including employers and employees. The course is in English and gives a certificate when finished. This course is all about helping everyone understand and stop substance abuse at work to make things safer for everyone.

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Drug & Alcohol Employee V2.16 Course

This course focuses on keeping workplaces safe from drug and alcohol issues. It’s about people who use drugs or drink at jobs and how it can affect work safety. 

The course is in English and gives a certificate after completion. It works best with Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and certain versions of Internet Explorer, needing Adobe Flash and pop-ups enabled. The goal is to help employees understand and prevent drug and alcohol problems at work.

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Drug And Alcohol Awareness Course

This course helps workers understand substance abuse beyond just the person using it. It teaches what substance abuse is, shows how it affects employers, and shares facts about commonly abused substances. The course also guides on reducing the risks linked to substance abuse. 

It’s for everyone at work, including managers and supervisors, and lasts about 16 minutes. The course is in English and provides a certificate upon completion.

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Drugs And Alcohol: The Facts (US) Course

This course is about substance abuse and its effects in the workplace. It’s a longer course, lasting 50 minutes, and it’s for US residents. It covers what substance abuse is, its effects, and how it costs money for both employers and coworkers. The course also talks about common substances and ways to lower the risks of substance abuse. Plus, it helps find resources for education and support. 

It’s in English, gives a certificate when finished, and is great for employees, managers, and supervisors looking to understand and tackle substance abuse in the US.

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Bottom Line

CoggnoLMS helps organizations publish drug-free training on its platform and motivates employees to complete drug-free training. Leverage the features and flexibility of CoggnoLMS and implement an effective drug-free workplace training program.

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