Sans-Serif Typeface in Online Courseware


Sans-Serif Typeface in Online Courseware

Sans-serif Typeface in Online CoursewareI’ve written in previous posts about the importance of choosing an online courseware typeface carefully. Sans-serif fonts like the one used in this blog are the best for facilitating fast reading of online courseware material. But I failed to mention what sans-serif typeface actually is.

Of course, “sans” is the French word for “without.” So sans-serif typeface is a kind of font that lacks the small, decorative lines called “serifs” at the end of each letter stroke. If you’re having a hard time visualizing serifs, take a close look at a piece of text in Times New Roman, and you’ll see tiny lines at the end of the letters. Sans-serif fonts help guide your online courseware students’ eyes along the lines, whereas serif fonts clutter. The difference is like that between swimming with a cap or without one; the less hair getting in your way, the faster you’ll go.

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