Saving Paper with Online Courseware


Saving Paper with Online Courseware

Saving Paper with Online CoursewareTo what degree are email, internet reading materials, and online courseware contributing to the stagnation of the pulp and paper industry? We can imagine the impact to small degrees. With online news, newspaper companies are forced to adapt. With online courseware, textbooks. And so on.

For those of us who like to imagine a world that consumes fewer natural resources, the “greenness” of email and online courseware is exciting. However, though we’re less dependent on paper for reading materials, we still use an exorbitant amount of paper–especially in product packaging.

Many pulp and paper companies are finding it harder to stay alive. In states like Maine, a significant number of people depend on the industry’s prosperity. In recent years, a representative from Verso Paper notes, “It is harder to recruit, because of the perception that it is a dying industry. That is one thing we have to overcome. We are not dying; we are continuing to reshape.”

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