School Courseware Systems and Web 2.0


School Courseware Systems and Web 2.0

School Courseware Systems and Web 2.0One fallback of pairing Web 2.0 technologies with a courseware system is the bombardment of ads that students will experience. Using LMSs and courseware systems, the information students are exposed to can be limited to the relevant course content.

It’s true that the advertisement industry is beginning to have a difficult time of it online. An increasing number of consumers are adopting multipurpose tools to help them manage and customize online data. This new mindset of personalization is making it harder for advertisers to lure viewers to other websites. In fact, according to BusinessWeek, many users are starting to ignore online ads altogether, a phenomenon known as “banner-ad blindness.”

Still, the advertisement industry is among the heftiest in existence. Ads will invariably find new and more intrusive ways to appeal to consumers. Prohibiting access to the internet and Web 2.0 technologies isn’t the solution. But educating courseware system students to recognize ads with misleading or harmful messages is crucial.

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