Talking to Your Learning Management System


Talking to Your Learning Management System

Talking to Your Learning Management SystemFor now, speech recognition programs may only serve as a fun gadget for most users. Though not so very accurate, the Google Mobile App is certainly simple to use. Just raise your phone to your ear and wait for a beep. Say your search term, just as you’d type it in a google search, and let google do its thing.

But students who access their learning management system using iPhones may be excited by speech recognition developments. As the New York Times’ John Markoff writes, “The industry’s visionaries have been unanimous in saying that we will talk to machines–and they will understand us–someday.”

Why shouldn’t we be able to use mobile devices to talk to and hear back from a learning management system? With increasingly reliable services like the Google Mobile App, functional speech synthesis and speech recognition for a learning management system may not be too far off.

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