Teachers Using Twitter as a Collaborative Learning System


Teachers Using Twitter as a Collaborative Learning System

One challenge of using Twitter is acquiring “followers” who add you to read your tweets. Within a classroom or school that uses an LMS, or a company training program or learning system, this could be neatly taken resolved. Each member could add everyone else to create a members-only bubble.

One idea, for those willing, is to create a collaborative learning system and hub for educators themselves. Installing TweetDeck, teachers can be prepped on how to use Twitter features including message length, retweets, DMs, replies, hash tags, etc. Conventions can also be established for search terms (those items in tweets preceded by the # symbol).

The key is encouragement without pressure. Many see the inclusion of web 2.0 technologies in learning systems as unnecessary and gratuitous, or a waste of time. When a shiny new tool is made obligatory for people who don’t want it, the fun is lost.


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