The Cost of Artistic Learning Content


The Cost of Artistic Learning Content

The Cost of Artistic Learning Content With the increased use of the internet, people are finding all kinds of ways to avoid paying for learning content, including for the arts. Sharing MP3s. Downloading pirated movies. Watching YouTube. Reading online news instead of buying a newspaper. But what about books? Like most media arts, books are a source of both entertainment and vast learning content.

Fiction and nonfiction alike have the power to fine-tune our sensibilities, open our minds, and effect social change with the learning content they provide and the ideas they inspire. But in a culture increasingly accustomed to free podcasts, music, movies and other free art, the willingness to reach into our pockets for $20 to buy that new novel is fading. All kinds of industries are losing out, including newspapers and journalists, producers and musicians. But what about publishing companies and authors?

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