The Internet as an Interactive Learning System, Pt. 1


The Internet as an Interactive Learning System, Pt. 1

One of the minuses of the traditional academic (and others) learning system is the passivity of the students—educators educate actively, while learners learn passively, solely by receiving and processing information. Interactivity is foreign to, dare I say, most learners in the world. As children, we often learn with toys, but as we become older and attend classes, we become receptacles of information, often having to memorize data without ever being asked to analyze it.

Via the interactive learning management system known as the internet, students can search for, check, compare, and share information. Many interactive web sites, with quizzes, videos, live chat, and the like accustom students to abandon the passive role and adopt an opinionated, analytic, active role, which consequently engages the learner further in the learning system, and results in better learning overall.

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