The Need for Conference Call Etiquette Learning Systems


The Need for Conference Call Etiquette Learning Systems

We need to teach our kids how to answer the phone, communicate with adults and children, and be polite. These behaviors don’t come naturally, and luckily most parents recognize their duty to organically provide a social etiquette learning system for their children.

Most people who make frequent conference calls can tell you some “do’s” and “don’t’s” of conference call etiquette. But what about new employees with little to no conference call experience? Or the employees who just never learned some basic rules?

Unfortunately, managers often fail to provide employees with a conference call etiquette learning system, assuming that some behaviors are givens–like the fact that you shouldn’t eat or audibly sip coffee during a call. When employees behave rudely or thoughtlessly during conference calls, it may be the result of a lack of experience with an etiquette learning system–not because they are normally rude or thoughtless people.

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