The Power of Pause in a Video Learning System


The Power of Pause in a Video Learning System

Say you’re playing a video for students as part of a learning system lesson. Sure, everyone may be enjoying the video, but it’s your duty to be strong! Remember: You have concrete goals for this lesson, and you won’t let something like pure, passive enjoyment foil them.

Press the pause button. When integrating videos into a classroom learning system, the pause button is your best ally. The pause button is there to help you achieve success in video effectiveness.

Be lavish. Use the pause button as often as you like. Stop a scene and have students predict what will happen next. Stop a line of dialogue and let students predict the next line. Freeze-frame a scene and have students evaluate what they are watching. Press pause and ask rapid-fire questions to check for students’ critical viewing. When you take advantage of the power of Pause, you transform a passive viewing experience into an interactive learning system.

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