The Self-Tuition Learning System


The Self-Tuition Learning System

People don’t always have the time, money, or even desire to learn something with others. Many talented professionals started out alone. Not that it’s easy. Self-tuition, if nothing else, proves you have booming motivation. Apart from that, a self-tuition learning system will be successful if the learner possesses a strategy, application, and persistence—the usual. Except now the stakes are higher.

Self-tuition means you are your own teacher: decide where you are starting and with what abilities you want to finish, the requirements, how to organize, the pace, how to keep track of your progress, and keep it all dynamic so you don’t get bored. A learning system where you are the sole learner means it can get lonely—can you handle it? And lastly, nobody will be there to encourage you to persist. It is a doable and doubly rewarding learning system. What subjects do you think are best fit for this learning system?

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