3 Managerial Behaviors that Contribute to Employee Turnover


3 Managerial Behaviors that Contribute to Employee Turnover

Coggno Inc. | Oct, 8 2010

Why do so many great employees leave their jobs and join different companies? The problems that lead to quitting share two major characteristics: first, they are preventable; and second, they often begin with management.

In order to prevent the large expenses involved in hiring and rehiring, with all the advertising expenses, resource management, headhunting, loss of time and productivity, and LMS employee training courses, make some simple changes in your management. A few adjustments in areas like management LMS training and management relations with employees can make a world of difference in employee turnover.

Three common management behaviors which contribute to employee turnover are improper handling of challenging situations, not taking time to address matters of concern to employees, and morale-killing actions taken by management.

First, the improper handling of situations is a common way to lead employees to their next job with a company who may be your competitor. When things go wrong, management must step up to the plate and become the leader, rather than a finger-pointer and blame-assigner. Another sure way to kill morale in the workplace is the constant reorganization of staff and shuffling employees around. This only causes confusion and a lost sense of priorities.

The second behavior that management should avoid is the alienation of staff by silence. Oftentimes, management fails to make time to inform staff about the decisions it is taking. Clarity and transparency in management should be consistent in order to keep a healthy employee morale and sense of good communication at work.

The third managerial behavior that effects high employee turnover rates is killing morale by not allowing employees to make any decisions about their work. Employees begin to view their work as only a job instead of developing pride and positive energy in the workplace.

How can you foresee and prevent high employee turnover? Get to the heart of the problem.

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