What Are The New York Sexual Harassment Training Requirements?

What Are The New York Sexual Harassment Training Requirements

What Are The New York Sexual Harassment Training Requirements?

Anjali Dalal | Apr, 28 2023

New York Sexual Harassment Training Requirements: Everything You Need To Know


Are you an employer in New York State or New York City? 

If yes, you must know the New York sexual harassment training requirements. 

This blog post is your ultimate guide to 

  • Understanding New York sexual harassment training requirements; 
  • How they apply to your business and 
  • How to ensure compliance. 

We’ll cover everything in this NY sexual harassment training guide, from the basics of state law and city statutes to more specific topics like remote employees, deadlines, and recordkeeping. 

But before that, let’s look at the stats:

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  • Approximately 81% of women and 43% of men in the United States have experienced sexual harassment or assault in their lifetime. 
  • As per the report of Mary Catt, one in five in New York State face workplace sexual harassment

These numbers are alarming. 

They demonstrate the need for employers to take proactive measures to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. And this is where New York sexual harassment training comes as a savior.


What Are The New York Sexual Harassment Training


What Are Sexual Harassment Training Requirements In New York?

Both New York State and New York City have sexual harassment training requirements that employers must follow. 

These requirements are designed to ensure that all employees are trained on the following: 

  • What constitutes sexual harassment; 
  • How to recognize it; 
  • How to report it

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Why Should Employers In New York Prioritize Sexual Harassment Training?

Understanding the New York sexual harassment training state law and city statute is critical for employers. 

And noncompliance can lead to significant consequences. 

By providing compliant NY sexual harassment training, employers can promote a safe and respectful work environment and reduce the risk of legal liability.

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Who Needs NY Sexual Harassment Training, And How Does It Apply To Remote Employees?

Regardless of size, all employers are subject to New York State sexual harassment training requirements. 

It includes the following: 

  • Exempt employees; 
  • Non-exempt employees; 
  • Part-time employees; 
  • Full-time employees; and
  • Seasonal or temporary workers, regardless of their immigration status. 

Minors must also be included, but those under the age of 14 may be given simplified training.

Furthermore, the New York City statute applies to: 

  • Employers with one or more domestic employees; or 
  • Employers with 15 or more other types of employees. 

If you’re a small organization, the law applies if you had the minimum number at any point during the previous calendar year.

Short-term employees, part-time employees, interns, independent contractors, and freelancers fall under the NYC sexual harassment training requirements when working for at least 90 days and more than 80 hours per calendar year.

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Why Should Employers Offer Anti-Discrimination Courses In Addition To NY Sexual Harassment Training?

While NY sexual harassment training is essential, providing anti-discrimination courses can further promote a respectful and inclusive workplace. 

These courses address other forms of discrimination. 

Furthermore, they encourage employees to respect diversity and treat all colleagues with fairness and dignity.

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When Is The Deadline For Sexual Harassment Training In New York?

New employees must receive sexual harassment prevention training within 30 days of their start date. 

After that, all employees must undergo training at least once per year. 

It includes retraining for supervisors, who should receive additional training within their first 90 days. 

It will help them stay up-to-date on the latest anti-retaliation provisions and bystander intervention strategies.

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What’s The Role Of Bystander Intervention In Sexual Harassment Training?

Bystander intervention is an essential component of comprehensive sexual harassment training. 

It equips employees and managers with the knowledge and skills to: 

  • Recognize and address harassment; and
  • Creating a supportive work environment that discourages inappropriate behavior.

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How Should Employers Maintain Records Of Sexual Harassment Prevention Training?

Proper record-keeping is essential for New York State and New York City employers. 

New York City employers must maintain records of their sexual harassment prevention training for at least three years. 

It includes employee signatures and documentation of training dates.

Although specific requirements vary, maintaining detailed training records can demonstrate compliance with state and city laws.


How To Ensure Your Training Meets New York’s Requirements?

Here are the ways to ensure:


Interactive And Participatory Training

Sexual harassment training must be interactive and participatory to be compliant. 

It means employees should have opportunities to ask questions and engage in discussions about the material.


Content Requirements For New York State And City

The curriculum must cover various topics, including unlawful behavior, federal and state statutory provisions, state and federal remedies, and the process of adjudicating complaints. 

Additionally, the training must be approved by the Department of Labor (DOL) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

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What Makes Training Compliant And Interactive?

Training must meet certain content and format requirements to be considered compliant. 

A curriculum is necessary that covers the following: 

  • Unlawful behavior; 
  • Federal and state statutory provisions; 
  • State and federal remedies; 
  • Adjudicating complaints;
  • Anti-retaliation provisions. 

Furthermore, training should also be interactive, encouraging employee participation and discussion.


How Can Employers Ensure Consistent Training For Employees And Managers?

Employers should create a standardized training program that covers all required topics. It is to provide consistent and effective training to both employees and managers. 

Furthermore, it ensures everyone receives the same information, which helps create a unified understanding of sexual harassment prevention across the organization.

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Can Online Training Meet Compliance Requirements?

Yes, online training is an acceptable option for meeting compliance requirements. 

However, employers must ensure that online courses cover the necessary content and include interactive elements.


Where Can Employers Find Compliant Sexual Harassment Training In New York?

Many resources, including OSHA and HR providers, are available for obtaining compliant training. 

When selecting a training program, consider factors such as: 

  • Business skills; 
  • Available anti-discrimination courses; and 
  • Bulk rates for larger groups.

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How Can A Learning Management System Help With Compliance Training?

A learning management system (LMS) can simplify the process of providing and tracking compliance training. 

By partnering with an account manager, employers can access user-friendly tools to manage employee training and maintain accurate records.


What Are The Benefits Of Offering Bulk Rates For NY Sexual Harassment Training?

Bulk rates for sexual harassment training can be beneficial for employers with a large workforce. 

By purchasing training in bulk, organizations can reduce costs and ensure all employees receive consistent, high-quality training.

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How Can Employers Stay Informed About Changes To New York Sexual Harassment Training Requirements?

To stay informed about changes to sexual harassment training requirements, employers should regularly consult official resources such as: 

  • The New York State Department of Labor (DOL); 
  • Other federal and state agencies

It will help ensure compliance with current laws and best practices.

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End Note: New York sexual harassment training

New York sexual harassment training requirements are essential to creating a safe and inclusive work environment. Employers must prioritize compliant training and maintain detailed records to demonstrate their commitment to preventing harassment. 

Organizations can foster a positive and respectful workplace culture by staying informed about changing requirements and adopting best practices.

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