YouTube: A Dangerous Learning System?


YouTube: A Dangerous Learning System?

YouTube: A Dangerous Learning System?Of course, YouTube is an increasingly influential learning system, carrying a great power to mobilize viewers into action. U.S. voters were certainly influenced by YouTube in the latest presidential election, and the site became a worldwide political learning system and outlet for political expression.

But just as YouTube has the power to effect positive changes, is it also a potentially dangerous learning system? What about all the videos with violent or hateful messages, which also have the power to mobilize people?

In a recent BBC interview, the father of one of the Columbine victims expressed his concerns about the growing number of videos glorifying the Columbine killers. Though YouTube claims a zero tolerance policy on videos that glorify violence, and makes serious efforts to remove them, it also admits that there is really no way to filter these videos or prevent them from being uploaded. Ultimately, YouTube relies on its viewers to flag questionable material.

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