Sell Your Training Courses Online

Sell your Course Online. They will reside in our Market Place of Training, in your own exclusive website, and Opt into Syndication and sell your courses from 1000's of relevant websites.
You control the pricing and the copyright, and how many times learners may access. Create coupons and Discounts.

See FULL reporting on who bought what and when, TRACK your learners and their contact information. Request funds from your account and receive payments via PayPal or check. Sell Your Own Online Courses

Our LMS allows publishers of online training courses to generate revenue through the sales of their courses on and on Affiliate and syndicated websites.

Sell your course on Coggno allows you to build or migrate your content to our Learning Management System and then we offer your course on our system.

The sale of your course is not limited to just Coggno. Your courses become available in our market place of training and can be syndicated onto 1000’s of websites. This allows you to give your course visibility in as many channels as possible. Beyond participating on the many channels we already have in place, our marketing team will work together with you to identify likely publishers of your courses.

With Coggno you control pricing, promotion and discounting of your online training course.