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Developing a Dynamic and Profitable Customer Service Team

Developing a Dynamic and Profitable Customer Service Team

Author: Living Development Corp.

Category: Online Business Training > Customer Service

Course Overview Each and every one of us serves customers, whether we realize it or not. Maybe you're on the front lines of a company, serving the people who buy your products. Perhaps you're an accountant, serving the employees by producing their pay checks and keeping the company running. Or ...

Keywords: customer service, call center, marketing, Human Resourse, employee training, Profits

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Table of Contents:

Course Outline

Module One: Getting Started

Module Two: Who We Are and What We Do

Module Three: Establishing Your Attitude

Module Four: Identifying and Addressing Customer Needs

Module Five: Generating Return Business

Module Six: In-Person Customer Service

Module Seven: Giving Customer Service Over the Phone

Module Eight: Providing Electronic Customer Service

Module Nine: Recovering Difficult Customers

Module Ten: Understanding When to Escalate

Module Eleven: Ten Things You Can Do to Wow Customers Every Time

Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

Good Customer Service is the lifeblood of any business.

Hardware and Software Requirements:

Knowleged of PC, Pen, Paper