Business Process Outsourcing with LMS Joins Low Investment with World-Class Solutions


Business Process Outsourcing with LMS Joins Low Investment with World-Class Solutions

Coggno Inc. | Mar, 23 2010

For companies implementing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), service provider training is easily provided online, via learning management system or other virtual classroom tool. A powerful BPO helps a company in many ways, providing cost-effective and first-rate service. Combine this with the efficiency and low investment of LMS training, and companies are able to both cut costs and focus on the most relevant business matters.

One great aspect of BPO is that it allows companies to easily vary service level based on customer demand. This is one characteristic that is makes BPO successful, and increasingly attractive for all sizes of companies; especially in a financial climate that demands that companies sink or swim. Varying service level based on consumer demand saves companies significant amount of money.

Business process outsourcing also allows companies to focus more on their core business. Every company has a limited number of human resources, whose energies should be spent on the most vital matters of the company, rather than processes like HR certification program, implementation, customer service, and accounting.

These processes are vital to a company, of course, which brings us to another benefit of BPO: access to first-rate business process solutions. Rather than developing, implementing, and constantly upgrading a particular business process in-house, BPO allows a company to access the best processes, systems, and solutions with a smaller investment. Companies have access the best expertise out there, and since the investment in assets is lower, the company’s risk in the investment is greatly reduced.

Delivering online training via a learning management system, companies are able to better train and manage their service providers and ensure the best performance. BPO allows operations to be planned and scaled with increased flexibility, and creates a flow of new ideas to the company’s business processes–and the same is true for online training solutions.

In the world of online education and training, companies have a wide variety of choices. Using a learning management system, companies can create their own training in house, outsource the task of developing customized training courses, purchase training courses from LMS e-markets and other vendors, and more.

Furthermore, an LMS with a pay-per-use business model ensures that all e-learning courses and training programs stay fresh, and do not become outdated or irrelevant. Companies are able to create and deploy content on an as-needed basis, providing convenient and cost-effective e-learning solutions.

Using a pay-per-use LMS, course creators and administrators maintain full control over their learning material. LMSs like Coggno allow course creators to create and brand their own learning content, customizing it for in-house purposes or syndicating the course for a wider audience.

Successful BPO is proven to save organizations a significant amount of time and money. When companies adopt e-learning solutions through a pay-per-use LMSs, the costs of training itself are significantly less than those of traditional training methods. For this reason and others, more businesses are finding online training solutions to meet BPO, compliance, and management training objectives.

Training courses in compliance and BPO training topics are often available via LMS e-training markets like Coggno’s. on topics like Team Dynamics, Motivation in the Workplace, and Writing Reports can be found at a low cost and delivered conveniently to BPO service providers. Project Management is one SilkWeb course that helps organizations remain competitive and relevant in a time of perpetual change. It reviews project management processes, project and team cycles, and evaluation and improvement techniques. Courses like this help to orient both staff and managers to the functions and tools needed for successful management.

Business process outsourcing and online training are two business choices that have a great impact on a company’s success. In order to leverage the opportunities for cutting costs and increasing efficiency within a company, a little bit of thinking outside the in-house box is required.

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