23 Customer Service Training Courses and Certifications To Take In 2024

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23 Customer Service Training Courses and Certifications To Take In 2024

Anjali Dalal | Oct, 30 2023

Customer Service Training Programs To Take In 2024


Amidst the dynamic symphony of modern business, one note remains constant yet pivotal – customer service. It’s not a mere department; it’s the lifeblood of your enterprise. The question is, how do you ensure your customer service is not just good but exceptional? The answer lies with Coggno, your partner in customer service training.


Why Choose Coggno For Customer Service Training Programs?

Well, it’s simple. Coggno provides enterprise training that works. There is no fancy corporate jargon, just solid results. They cater to workplaces, businesses, organizations, and enterprises, and here’s why we’re the top pick for customer service training.

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How To Find The Best Customer Service Training Programs

Choosing exemplary customer service courses is crucial. After all, you don’t want to invest time and resources in something that won’t pay off. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Look for courses that focus on practical skills, not just theory. Coggno’s courses are all about real-world application.
  • Seek out courses with interactive elements. Learning by doing is the most effective way to master customer service.
  • Read reviews and testimonials. The proof is in the pudding, and Coggno has many satisfied customers.
  • Investigate the credentials of the instructors. Experts with a proven track record curate Coggno’s courses.
  • Check for course duration. Short and sweet is often more efficient, and Coggno understands that.
  • Don’t overlook affordability. Quality training doesn’t have to come with an astronomical price tag, and Coggno’s pricing is competitive.

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23 Best Customer Service Training Courses and Certification 2024

When it comes to customer service training, Coggno has a repertoire of courses designed to empower your team. Let’s explore some of the best options:


1. Customer Service Skills Training Pathway (Course)

Crafted by LearningPlanet Limited, this 120-minute course comprises bite-sized 10-minute video modules and accompanying workbooks. It is the linchpin for empowering your front-line staff with essential tools for achieving customer service excellence. 

Encompassing critical aspects such as attitude, effective communication, empathy, assertiveness, and adept handling of challenging scenarios, this training transcends the mere preservation of brand image and sales. Its true power lies in nurturing enduring customer relationships that set your business apart, allowing it to deliver unparalleled customer service.

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2. Customer Service

This meticulously crafted course is a catalyst for nurturing highly engaged employees armed with sharpened skills, paving the way for heightened customer satisfaction and unwavering brand loyalty. The result? A considerable uptick in your company’s revenue. 

Spanning 157 minutes, this comprehensive training covers a spectrum of vital themes, ranging from the bedrock of customer service to telephone etiquette, retail-specific skills, and mastering the art of feedback management, be it in a physical store or the digital landscape. By enrolling your employees in this transformative program, you’re empowering them to champion a positive, memorable customer experience that sets your business apart.

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3. Actions & Attitudes: Providing Extraordinary Retail Service Course

This course takes you on a unique journey, accompanying a host as he visits various retail establishments, including clothing stores, sporting goods stores, stereo stores, flower shops, and hardware stores. 

Comprising four distinct parts, this course covers essential facets of exceptional customer service. 

Part One underscores the significance of welcoming customers, treating them as valued guests, and extending warm greetings. Two delves into giving undivided attention to customers, making them feel important and focusing entirely on their needs. 

Three encourages going the extra mile, emphasizing follow-through on promises and finding real solutions to meet customer needs. Four centers on showing appreciation through expressions of gratitude, promoting word-of-mouth referrals, and inviting customers back to the store.

This English-language course provides certificates upon completion and is designed for employees looking to enhance their customer service skills.

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4. Customer Service Training For Healthcare Providers 3.0 Course

This training aims to improve patient satisfaction and contribute positively to the patient experience. The course draws its information from reputable sources such as NCBI, AHRQ, OSHA, EEOC, CMS, DOL, OCR, FDA, CDC, NIAID, ATSDR, HHS, and WHO, all of which provide government-sourced material accessible for free on their respective websites.

With a concise duration of 30 minutes and conducted in English, this course offers valuable insights for employees working in healthcare. It covers essential topics, including distinguishing patient experience from patient satisfaction, emphasizing the importance of patient-centered care, ensuring quality and consistency in service provision, and implementing organizational strategies to enhance patient satisfaction.

Upon successful completion, the course provides certificates, making it a significant asset for healthcare professionals looking to elevate their patient care skills.

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5. Customer Service Excellence Video Module Course

There’s one constant truth in customer service—customer service excellence is the bedrock for delivering the finest customer experiences. This training is an invaluable resource designed to impart this wisdom in a compact and engaging 10-minute interactive video module delivered in English. 

This module doesn’t just explain the importance of customer service; it illuminates why it transcends entry-level positions. It also guides you in identifying your invisible assets, the hidden gems that play a pivotal role in delivering top-tier service.

What sets this program apart is its flexibility, serving as both an upskilling tool and an on-the-go refresher, ready whenever and wherever you need it. As a bonus, successful completion of the module earns you a certificate.

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6. Customer Service Advanced Course

This concise yet impactful 10-minute video delves into advanced techniques and concepts to elevate your customer service game. This English course explores 

  • Moments of truth at various customer touchpoints; 
  • Unravel the intricacies of internal customer service within your organization; 
  • Provide insights into understanding customer needs and expectations.

Upon successful completion, you’ll be awarded a certificate.

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7. Developing A Dynamic And Profitable Customer Service Team

This course offers an invaluable toolkit for anyone seeking to enhance their customer service skills. Conducted in English, this course is a holistic exploration of customer service. It encompasses the following 

  • in-person and over-the-phone techniques; 
  • adeptly managing challenging customers; 
  • building the foundation for customer loyalty.

The training begins with understanding the profound impact of customer service on all customer types, be they internal or external. It further dives into the pivotal role of attitude in customer service.

While this course doesn’t offer certificates, it imparts essential customer service skills that have the power to elevate service excellence in various roles.

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8. Customer Service (Course)

Customer service is that thread that binds us all, irrespective of our roles. Whether you’re at the forefront of a company, directly serving external customers, or behind the scenes, keeping the engine running, we are all interconnected. 

This training can help you hone the skills that transcend job titles. Delivered in English, this workshop bestows participants with a potent skill set. As a bonus, the course includes audio narration, enhancing the learning experience.

Upon successful completion, participants receive a certificate. 

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9. Customer Service

This course sheds light on the paramount significance of customer satisfaction in driving a company’s growth and profitability. It underscores that the cornerstone of retaining loyal customers is delivering exceptional customer service.

Conducted in English, this course delivers invaluable insights into recognizing the intrinsic value of customer service. It also hones the skills needed to serve both external and internal customers effectively.

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10. Managing Customer Complaints Course

This course delves into the intricacies of why customers raise concerns. It also offers a roadmap to address and resolve those issues effectively. It’s a 40-minute journey conducted in English; this helps participants learn how to provide a positive outcome when managing customer complaints.

Upon completing this training module, participants can validate their understanding through a short quiz. This quiz ensures that learners have grasped the essential steps required to secure customer satisfaction and resolve complaints successfully.

Upon completion of this course, participants are rewarded with a certificate.

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11. 1 To 1: Customer Service Success (Course)

This course offers an overview of the significance and constituents of exceptional customer service. Conducted in English, this course enlightens learners about the essence of improving their own customer service skills.

This 45-minute course helps learners learn that a company’s financial results are intricately tied to the efficacy of its customer service.

Upon successful completion, learners are awarded certificates.

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12. Customer Service Management

With its eight illuminating modules, this courseware serves as a North Star, guiding managers to shape the course of their customer service teams. The outcomes of this course are nothing short of transformative. 

Managers will discover how to steer the company’s customer service strategy, inspire and motivate their teams, and ensure customer service agents receive performance feedback. They’ll become adept at delivering the right level of coaching to elevate their agents to new heights of excellence.

With a duration of 80 minutes, conducted in English, this course comes with a certificate.

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13. Customer Service Basics

Comprising seven illuminating modules, this course delves into the intricacies of:

  • Customer rapport building; 
  • The art of attentive listening; 
  • The actions required to foster unwavering customer loyalty. 

It’s a practical journey transcending theory to offer a comprehensive understanding of delivering exceptional customer service.

While the course lasts 70 minutes and is conducted in English, it doesn’t culminate in certificates. However, it bestows learners with the priceless skills needed for personal and organizational triumph.

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14. 10 Principles Of Customer Service Course

This course is a compact 40-minute journey that unwraps essential customer service principles. Its mission is crystal clear: to elevate customer service skills and awareness. By delving into these ten principles, learners will have the knowledge and insights to deliver exceptional customer service consistently.

It is conducted exclusively in English and extends a certificate upon completion. 

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15. Front Desk Customer Service

To achieve superior hospitality, training is vital, and this comprehensive program is the way to go. It covers various aspects, including the front and back of the house, bartending fundamentals, tourism, and housekeeping. 

It’s a 43-minute journey that equips employees with valuable skills. From managing the front and back of the house to ensuring top-notch housekeeping, valet services, and even tourism, this training delves into various facets of the hospitality industry. Moreover, it covers topics like alcohol and beverage management and kitchen safety, ensuring that employees are well-prepared to create a stellar hospitality experience.

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16. Call Center Training (Course)

A more confident employee is not only more productive but also happier, leading to increased customer satisfaction. This course enhances your phone skills, boosting your confidence, sales performance, and customer acquisition while retaining your current clientele. 

By enrolling in this course, you will:

  • Define and grasp essential call center strategies.
  • Discern various buying motivations.
  • Formulate SMART Goals.
  • Familiarize yourself with strategies that enhance effective communication.
  • Master proper phone etiquette.
  • Set and meet benchmarks.

The duration of this course is 60 minutes, and it offers a certificate upon completion.

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17. Customer Service Skills Pathway

This course is your comprehensive guide to achieving customer service excellence. It is structured into 12 digestible 10-minute video segments, each thoughtfully accompanied by a workbook, simplifying the learning process and facilitating practical application.

With a total duration of 120 minutes, conducted in English, and tailored for employees in various customer-facing roles, this course is a goldmine of skills and knowledge. 

It covers a broad spectrum of critical topics, including: 

  • Cultivating the right attitude; 
  • Mastering the art of customer service; 
  • Effective communication; 
  • Active listening; 
  • Expert questioning; 
  • Showing empathy; 
  • Assertiveness; 
  • Creating memorable first impressions; 
  • Handling challenging customers; 
  • Keeping clientele well-informed; 
  • Addressing customer concerns as a top priority; 
  • Elevating your service to advanced levels.

While this course doesn’t offer certificates, it equips you with actionable insights and an individualized action plan for personal and professional growth in each area.

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18. Call Center Training: Troubleshooting

In the world of call centers, effective troubleshooting is a vital skill for customers. This program is a valuable resource designed to elevate your troubleshooting abilities. 

Despite its short duration of just 5 minutes, this program in English equips employees with the essential steps to become proficient troubleshooters. It delves into identifying the root cause of a customer’s issue, evaluating the situation, exploring potential solutions, and executing them.

While this program doesn’t offer certificates, it allows call center representatives with practical skills that can significantly improve their ability to resolve customer issues effectively.

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19. Call Center Training: Escalating Issues

In call center operations, the goal is always to resolve customer issues promptly, preferably during the first call—a concept known as “First Call Resolution” or FCR. Every call center aspires to achieve this level of efficiency. 

However, some challenges are too intricate, customers may have exceptional demands, or issues might extend beyond the usual scope of service. In these scenarios, the skill of issue escalation becomes crucial. 

This brief 6-minute training conducted in English is your guide to understanding the art of issue escalation. It explores the common reasons for escalating a call and offers insights on the correct approach.

While certificates aren’t provided, this program equips employees with valuable skills to navigate complex situations in the call center effectively.

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20. Call Center Training: Active Listening

One foundational skill in call centers for resolving customer issues is the art of active listening. This concise 6-minute training conducted in English is your gateway to mastering active listening. 

It delves into the core principles of active listening and how you can apply them effectively to your job. It offers valuable tips and techniques, including strategies to demonstrate your attentive listening, the importance of avoiding assumptions, the power of taking notes, and the significance of confirming your understanding.

While this program doesn’t provide certificates, it equips employees with indispensable skills to excel in their call center roles.

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21. Call Center Training: Phone Etiquette

For call center representatives, mastering the art of effective telephone communication is paramount. The “Call Center Training: Phone Etiquette” program by HSI – Health & Safety Institute, a concise 5-minute training conducted in English, is your gateway to becoming a skilled communicator. 

This course explores the essential components of telephone etiquette, covering vital aspects such as crafting an engaging and polite greeting, maintaining professionalism in your interactions, and using the right vocal tone and volume. It also offers practical tips to become a more proficient call-taker and guides you on politely placing people on hold.

While this program doesn’t provide certificates, it is valuable phone etiquette training that enhances trainees’ ability to deliver exceptional customer service in the call center.

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22. Telephone Etiquette Learning Pathway

Today, in customer service, interactions over the telephone are the norm. Understanding telephone etiquette can benefit your customers and your bottom line. Your service reputation hinges on how effectively your staff manages incoming and outgoing calls.

It is a comprehensive 60-minute training program comprising 10-minute video modules and accompanying workbooks. It dives into the intricacies of telephone etiquette. This program equips your employees with the techniques to enhance your company’s image and ensure excellent customer handling skills.

This course is offered in English and provides certificates upon completion.

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23. Call Center Training: Handling Angry Callers

If you are a call center representative, dealing with irate customers can be daunting but essential. However, as you gain experience, you’ll discover valuable techniques to transform these challenging encounters into opportunities for exceptional service. 

It is precisely what this training is all about. In a mere 5-minute session conducted in English, this program explores crucial components, including active listening, offering genuine apologies, and taking responsibility on behalf of the company. 

It also discusses strategies for handling customers who are particularly upset or use strong language. Furthermore, the program offers insights on what to avoid when conversing with an angry customer.

While this program doesn’t provide certificates, it empowers employees with invaluable skills that can turn challenging customer interactions into positive experiences.

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Bottom Line

There we have it all. Exceptional customer service training programs can be the defining factor that propels your business ahead of the competition. 

With Coggno, you get a run-of-the-mill course. Furthermore, there is no corporate jargon, no empty promises – just results. So, why wait? Choose Coggno for your customer service training needs. 

It’s time to make every customer interaction count!

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