Employee Training: 15 Types Of Employee Training Programs

employee training programs

Employee Training: 15 Types Of Employee Training Programs

Anjali Dalal | May, 8 2024

15 Important Employee Training Programs That Boost ROI

Let’s be real: your employees are the backbone of your business. Without their hard work and dedication, things would grind to a halt pretty quickly. But here’s the thing: simply hiring individuals isn’t enough these days. You need to invest in their growth and development, too. 

That’s where employee training comes in. It can seem like just another expense, but trust us; it’s an investment that pays dividends in boosting productivity, engagement, and retention. 

Think about it this way: would you rather have a team that’s bored, burnt out, and phoning it in? Or a fired-up crew constantly learning and leveling up their skills? You will obviously choose the LATER. Investing in your employees’ growth is one of the smartest moves a company can make. After all, your people are your biggest asset! 

But figuring out which courses to invest in can feel overwhelming. In this blog, we will talk about 15 must-have employee training courses to seriously consider.

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What Are Employee Training Programs?

Employee training programs are structured efforts implemented by companies to improve the capabilities, knowledge, and performance of their workforce. 

These initiatives are customized to address specific organizational and individual development requirements, covering areas such as technical skills, software training, soft skills, and compliance. They play a crucial role in providing employees with the skills and competencies needed to excel in their roles, embrace new technologies and practices, and support the organization’s advancement and achievements.


15 Types of Employee Training Programs In 2024

We’re talking about those all-star training courses for employees that cover the skills every employee needs: leadership, customer service, communication, you name it. Leveling up these competencies pays off big time.


1.  Onboarding and Orientation Training 

Successful employee orientation training offers essential organizational details that new hires require to get ready for their role in a company. This program is advantageous for both employees and employers as it educates new hires, ensuring they are well-prepared for their new responsibilities, addressing any queries they may have, and enabling them to start contributing to the organization promptly. 

Here are some key components of an employee orientation training program:

  • Independent online modules for job-specific technical training. 
  • Web-based courses detailing enterprise software functionalities.
  • Information on Safety Procedures.
  • Practical demonstrations and practice sessions with machinery and equipment. 
  • Face-to-face group workshops and simulated exercises focusing on soft skills development such as customer service, team collaboration, and client interaction. 
  • Structured external courses provided by third-party vendors covering various business-related subjects.

Onboarding New Employees


2) Customer Service Training

Customer service skills are pure gold these days, whether it’s clients, patients, or the general public. We’re talking about training your team to really listen, communicate effectively, handle tricky situations with grace, and provide an all-around outstanding experience.

Developing exceptional customer service skills can truly set your team apart. Here are some key points for effective customer service training:

  • Focus on active listening to understand customers’ needs.
  • Use clear and positive communication to convey information effectively.
  • Cultivate empathy to better connect with customers’ feelings and perspectives.
  • Develop problem-solving skills to address issues promptly and creatively.
  • Maintain patience and resilience during challenging interactions.
  • Ensure thorough knowledge of products/services for accurate assistance.
  • Encourage teamwork and collaboration to deliver exceptional service.
  • Provide continuous learning opportunities for ongoing improvement.
  • Use role-playing exercises to practice and build confidence.
  • Recognize and reward outstanding customer service to motivate your team.

Customer Service Course


3) Technical Skills Training

Depending on your industry, it is key to give employees a solid grasp of all the latest tools, software, and technical know-how. After all, you want your team to operate like well-oiled machines in their roles.


4) Leadership Development Training

Every company needs a strong crop of future leaders constantly emerging. This training helps high-potential folks level up their decision-making, team-building, and big-picture strategic thinking abilities. It’s how you cultivate that next tier of talent.

Leadership Course


5) Communication Skills Training

Being able to clearly express ideas, negotiate effectively, and generally collaborate like pros is the name of the game now. No more awkward misunderstandings or mixed messages slowing your team down.

Communication Skills Pathway


6) Diversity and Inclusion Training

These days, an inclusive, respectful culture isn’t just nice to have – it’s essential. Diversity training raises self-awareness around unconscious biases and nurtures an environment where everyone’s background is valued. 

Diversity and Inclusion Course


7) Cybersecurity Awareness Training

With all the scary data breaches happening, cybersecurity isn’t something to take lightly. Sharpening your employees’ ability to sniff out potential threats is a must for protecting that sensitive info.

Cybersecurity Course


8) Compliance Training

Compliance may not be the most thrilling topic, but it’s vital to ensure everyone understands all the legal/ethical standards you must uphold. This training protects your company big time.

Compliance Toolkit


9) Sales and Marketing Training

If you’ve got a sales team, providing training on prospecting tactics, product mastery, and negotiation skills will help you see those revenue numbers soaring sky-high!

Sales and Marketing Courses


10) Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

Every workplace inevitably faces challenges along the way. Equipping your employees with strategies for identifying issues, analyzing solutions, and making smart calls? That’s giving them a serious professional power-up.


11) Time Management and Productivity Training

We’re all strapped for time these days, so helping your team get a grip on time management and maximizing their productivity is invaluable. Those skills keep them operating at peak efficiency.


12) Emotional Intelligence Training

Hard skills are great, but tapping into emotional intelligence – self-awareness, empathy, and adapting to others – is the real win. This training boosts interpersonal abilities across the board.  

Emotional Intelligence Course


13) Employee Motivation Training Course

Keeping your people motivated and passionate about their work is key. This training helps them set inspiring goals, celebrate wins (because you must recognize their hard work!), and have that get-up-and-go attitude.

Employee Motivation Course


14) Employee Relations Training Courses

Having a big, happy work family is key these days. This training gives your managers the skills to communicate effectively, resolve conflicts like pros, and make everyone feel respected and valued. HARMONY = PRODUCTIVITY.


15) Employee Benefits Training Courses

Insurance, retirement, and wellness programs that benefit staff can be a total mind-numbing hassle. But these offerings are massive for your employees’ well-being. This staff training program breaks it all down so they truly understand and capitalize on everything you provide.


Why Online Training Courses For Employees? 

In our remote, hyper-busy world, online training for employees is where it’s at. Your employees can conveniently learn at their own pace, whether 3 AM or 3 PM, on the bus or train. Flexibility for the win!


Benefits Of Employee Training Programs

Training is a vital component for the development and success of any organization. By establishing employee training programs, you empower your workforce to become more productive, efficient, adaptable, and proficient in essential skills such as communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

The key advantages of employee training programs are:


1. Boosts Employee Morale

When employees struggle to meet an organization’s expectations, their morale and motivation can suffer. Training programs help enhance the skills and knowledge of your workforce, leading to increased morale and job satisfaction. Motivated employees contribute more innovative ideas, ultimately enhancing project outcomes.


2. Reduces Errors

Each job role presents its own challenges, and errors are more likely when employees lack the necessary skills or knowledge. Proper training makes employees more proficient, reducing the occurrence of errors and strengthening overall performance.


3. Enhances Productivity

Training serves as a productivity catalyst by equipping employees with the necessary skills and support to excel in their roles. When employees understand their responsibilities and receive adequate training, they perform better and contribute to higher team productivity.


4. Improves Employee Retention

Companies that prioritize continuous learning and development experience higher retention rates of 30-50%. Employees seek opportunities for growth and development within their jobs. By emphasizing training, organizations can significantly improve retention rates and retain top talent.


5. Addresses Skill Gaps

In an era of rapid technological advancement, many organizations struggle to keep up with digital transformation. Lack of training contributes to failed or poorly adopted transformation efforts. Organizations require digitally skilled employees who can adapt to evolving workplace demands. Upskilling and reskilling programs are essential to bridging skill gaps and ensuring employees remain competitive in the digital age.


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The Bottom Line

Investing in employee training courses demonstrates that you value your employees. It shows you’re committed to their growth, both professionally and personally. And that kind of appreciation and support earns their loyalty, sparks their passion, and helps your company attract and retain the brightest minds. It’s a no-brainer, really. 

So, if you want a workforce that’s truly fired up and operating at its highest potential, employee training is an absolute must. Trust us, it’s going to Level. Them. Up.

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