Food Protection Online Courses for 2024 | Food Safety Certification

Best Food Safety Certification Courses 2023 | Food Protection Courses

Food Protection Online Courses for 2024 | Food Safety Certification

Anjali Dalal | Jun, 26 2023

Top Rated Food Protection Courses: Food Safety Training and Certification Online


Did you know that one in six Americans yearly suffers from foodborne illnesses? As alarming as this statistic may be, we’re here to tell you about the top food protection courses in 2023 from Coggno

If you work with food, the importance of proper food safety and handling cannot be understated. Not only can it prevent potential health crises, but it also builds customer trust and elevates the reputation of your business. 

Don’t we all wish to put an end to foodborne illness and contribute to a safer food industry?

In this blog, we will guide you through the following: 

  • The importance of food protection; 
  • What food protection entails; 
  • Why certification in food protection is crucial for anyone involved in food production or handling.

Food Protection Manager Course (Training And Exam Bundle – Remote Proctor Exam)


What Is Food Safety Certification?

Food safety certification is a verification process that ensures an individual or an organization is competent in maintaining food safety. 

It involves training in the following areas: 

  • Proper food handling;
  • Preparation; 
  • Storage; 
  • Protection against contamination; 
  • Well-being of consumers

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Why Is Food Safety Training Necessary?

Food safety training is essential for five compelling reasons:


Best Food Safety Certification Courses 2023 | Food Protection


1. Prevent Foodborne Illness 

Proper food safety training can drastically decrease the risk of foodborne illness outbreaks. Knowledge of safe food handling practices can prevent the following: 

  • The spread of bacteria; 
  • The spread of viruses; 
  • Other harmful pathogens

Food Safety: Potentially Hazardous Food (Course)


2. Regulatory Compliance

Food safety training ensures you’re up-to-date with the latest regulations and standards in food production and handling. This compliance is vital in avoiding penalties and ensuring operational legality.


3. Customer Trust 

Investing in food safety training ensures your customer’s well-being is your top priority. It boosts customer trust and loyalty.


4. Improves Food Quality

Understanding food safety practices can improve food quality, enhancing the overall experience for your customers.


5. Prevents Financial Loss

An outbreak of foodborne illness can have serious financial consequences on your business. The cost of food safety training is an investment in avoiding such losses.


Is Getting Food Safety Manager Certification Mandatory In The USA?

Most regulatory bodies in the USA require at least one certified food safety manager

This person must be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to implement and oversee the food safety practices within their establishment.


Best Food Safety Training and Certification Courses 2024

We are excited to share two of the top food protection courses from Coggno


1. Food Protection Manager Course (Lessons Only)

Maintaining food safety is a constant challenge in the dynamic landscape of food service. Now, you can gain the expertise needed to navigate this challenge confidently with Always Food Safe’s “Food Protection Manager Course (Lessons Only).” 

As one of the leading online training platforms, Always Food Safe is passionately dedicated to creating a safer global food community.

Their comprehensive online course uses video-based learning to equip you with in-depth food safety knowledge. It ensures a safer and more efficient restaurant operation.

Furthermore, their Food Manager Certification, recognized across the United States, will meet the requirements of your local Health Inspector. 

The course eliminates the need for supporting materials, enabling you to focus solely on the course content. The course takes 4-8 hours to complete (depending on your experience). It concludes with an 80-question exam with a 2-hour duration.

With the video training provided in English and written content available in Spanish upon request, this course caters to a diverse range of learners. 

The best part about the Food Protection Manager exam course is that it is available across all states in the United States


Here’s a comprehensive list of all the states where these courses are available:

Alabama                  Alaska              Arizona                 Arkansas                      California

Colorado                Connecticut     Delaware              Florida                          Georgia

Hawaii                     Idaho                 Illinois                   Indiana                         Iowa

Kansas                   Kentucky           Louisiana             Maine                           Maryland

Massachusetts     Michigan           Minnesota           Mississippi                   Missouri

Montana                Nebraska          Nevada                 New Hampshire         New Jersey

New Mexico     New York                  North Carolina      North Dakota             Ohio

Oklahoma            Oregon              Pennsylvania         Rhode Island             South Carolina

South Dakota     Tennessee         Texas   Utah           Vermont

Virginia                Washington       West Virginia         Wisconsin                   Wyoming


The course meticulously covers several key knowledge areas:



From ordering and delivering food items to maintaining consistent FIFO inventory rotation and ensuring safe food production, we address every facet of food handling. 

The course covers topics like: 

  • Pathogen and foodborne illness identification; 
  • Contamination prevention; 
  • Temperature control; 
  • Customer service procedures 

The course prepares you for a holistic approach to food safety.



In addition to equipping you with comprehensive food handlers card training, the course emphasizes the importance of staff management and training, hand hygiene, work attire compliance, and monitoring staff health.



The course underscores the importance of proper cleaning and sanitization procedures using appropriate chemicals and processes. Furthermore, it ensures that food-contact surfaces, equipment, and work areas are properly cleaned and sanitized.



The course updates you with the latest information, including new regulations and company procedures. It also covers the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and the importance of maintaining records for validating food safety practices.



Our course also prepares you to handle facility requirements like ensuring hand sinks are equipped with soap and single-use towels, arranging for cleaning and maintenance services, and keeping an eye out for pest infestations.



The course covers everything from regulatory requirements to training staff on recognizing symptoms of an allergic reaction, listing allergens on a menu, and minimizing cross-contact risks.

With 480 minutes, this course provides a certificate upon completion and offers a bookmark feature, letting you learn at your own pace. Supervisors will find this course especially beneficial, although it holds valuable insights for anyone involved in food service.

To ensure optimal course playback, we recommend the following system requirements: 

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or higher (11+ is preferable);
  • Microsoft Edge;
  • Google Chrome (latest); 
  • iPad iOS (latest) (Tablet only); 
  • Mac OS 10.10 or 10.11 (PC only); 
  • Apple Safari 8 or 9, or Android Google Chrome (latest) 

Please note that course playback is not recommended for mobile phones, and learners are advised to close all other browser windows when viewing the course.

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2. Food Safety For Food Managers (Course)

Maestro’s “Food Safety For Food Managers” course helps equip managers with crucial insights and skills to enhance their food management strategies.

As an independent, self-paced course, it addresses some of the most pressing issues in food service and provides tangible solutions to mitigate them in the workplace. The course employs interactive elements and engaging illustrations to help learners digest and retain important information effectively. 

Topics covered include implementing active managerial control and the correct action when things go awry. 

At the end of the course, learners are evaluated through a 10-question final assessment to reinforce the knowledge they’ve acquired.

Delivered in English, this course includes a certification upon completion—a valuable addition to any food manager’s professional portfolio. The learning experience is optimized with a bookmarking feature, enabling you to pause and resume the course at your convenience.

This course is primarily tailored for supervisors. So, if you are a supervisor, here’s what you will learn:


The Role of Food Managers

You’ll understand how food managers influence and implement food handling policies, establishing a safe and efficient food service environment.


Hazard Control/Prevention Methods 

You’ll gain insights into the significance of controlling and preventing potential hazards in food handling, which is crucial in maintaining food safety standards.


Recognizing Foodborne Illness

You’ll learn to identify the symptoms of foodborne illnesses, enabling prompt action to prevent further spread and ensure consumer safety.


Guidelines for Safe Food-Handling Practices 

You’ll familiarize yourself with the food safety guidelines set by the CDC and FDA, equipping you to implement standardized, safe food-handling practices.


Active Managerial Control 

You’ll comprehend the ongoing cycle of active managerial control, essential for maintaining high food safety standards in the workplace.


Creating an SOP 

You’ll learn to develop a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), a crucial tool for ensuring consistency and quality in food service operations.

To get the most out of this course, you should have access to one of the following supported browsers: 

  • Internet Explorer 11; 
  • Microsoft Edge (latest version); 
  • Google Chrome (latest version); 
  • Firefox (latest version). 

For Mac users, the compatible versions are: 

  • Safari (latest version); 
  • Google Chrome (latest version); 
  • Firefox (latest version)

Furthermore, mobile learners can access the course via 

  • Safari in Apple iOS 10 or later; 
  • Google Chrome in Apple iOS 10 or later; 
  • Google Chrome in Android OS 4.4 or later

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Why Choose Coggno for Food Protection Courses?

Choosing Coggno is a smart move for your Food Protection Courses, and here’s why:


1. Accredited and Recognized 

Coggno’s courses are recognized by major food and health departments, giving you a credible certification upon completion.


2. Convenience 

With Coggno, you can learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home. It makes balancing work and education much more manageable.


3. Comprehensive Courses

Coggno’s courses cover a wide array of topics in-depth, equipping you with the necessary knowledge to ensure food safety.


4. Affordability 

Coggno provides high-quality training at affordable prices, making education accessible to all.


5. Expert Instructors 

Learn from experienced industry professionals who bring knowledge to their teaching.



Achieving a safe food culture starts with education. 

And there’s no better way to create a healthier, safer food environment than by equipping yourself and your team with the right tools and knowledge. With Coggno’s wide range of food protection courses, you’ll be well on your way to doing that.

Join us today, and let’s make the world a safer place, one meal at a time.


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