Ladder Safety Training: Top 15 Ladder Safety Courses in 2023

Ladder Safety Training Courses: Top 15 Ladder Safety Courses in 2023

Ladder Safety Training: Top 15 Ladder Safety Courses in 2023

Anjali Dalal | Jul, 5 2023

What is Ladder Safety, Importance, Basic Rules and Best Ladder Safety Training Courses


Ladders, humble as they may seem, have claimed more lives than you might think. Startlingly, every year approximately 500,000 people get treatment for ladder related injury, out of which around 300 proves to be fatal.

So, why not safeguard yourself by enrolling in the Top 15 Ladder Safety Courses in 2023? As we head into another year of building and creating, let’s step back to ensure we’re climbing ladders safely.

This article Ladder Safety Training Courses is your guide to avoiding unnecessary risks. We’ll explore what ladder safety means, why it’s crucial in construction, and the basic rules governing safe ladder usage. 

We’ll then highlight the top courses you can take to be adept and secure on your ascent. And why we recommend the comprehensive offerings of Coggno for your training needs.

Let’s climb to new heights together, shall we?

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What is Ladder Safety?

Ladder safety is the practice of using ladders in a manner that minimizes risk and prevents injury

Sounds simple, right? 

Yet, it’s astonishing how many overlook these guidelines, often with dire consequences.

Picture Joe, a hardworking electrician, scaling ladders daily. He always ensures his ladder is on solid ground, he never overreaches, and he maintains three points of contact with the ladder at all times. He might not realize it, but these are fundamental ladder safety rules that he’s nailing right there.

Want to be like Joe? Invest in ladder safety training now!


Why is Ladder Safety for Construction Important?

Ladder safety training is important for the following reasons:

  • Preventing Injuries: The most compelling reason is the prevention of injuries. From sprains to fractures, falls from ladders can lead to a range of injuries, some life-threatening.
  • Promoting a Safety Culture: Ladder safety training encourages a culture of safety. Employees become more aware, fostering an environment where everyone looks out for each other.
  • Reducing Legal Liability: A safe working environment reduces the risk of litigation. Should an accident occur, showing that safety measures were in place could limit the liability.
  • Improving Productivity: A safe worker is a confident worker, boosting productivity. Ladder safety courses can thus indirectly enhance your productivity.
  • Meeting OSHA Standards: Meeting Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards is non-negotiable. Ladder safety is a part of this compliance.

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Ladder Safety Training Online Courses 2023


What are the 5 Basic Rules for Ladder Safety?

The 5 basic rules for ladder safety are as follows:

  • The Right Ladder: Use the correct ladder for the job. Each ladder type serves a purpose, and using the wrong one can be dangerous.
  • Inspect Before Use: Always inspect the ladder before climbing. Check for defects or damage that might compromise safety.
  • Proper Setup: Set up your ladder on stable, level ground. Angle it properly against the support surface.
  • Maintain Three Points of Contact: Always keep three points of contact on the ladder – two hands and a foot or two feet and a hand.
  • Don’t Overreach: Never lean or overreach while on a ladder. It can cause the ladder to tip or you to lose balance.

Think you can remember all these rules? Practice makes perfect. Find ladder safety course providers now.


What are the Top 15 Ladder Safety Courses?

Coggno offers a range of ladder safety courses that cater to different needs and skill levels. From basic training to advanced courses, Coggno has you covered.


Ladder Safety Course

Avoid the unexpected pitfalls of ladder use with UL’s ‘Ladder Safety Course.’ In 28 valuable minutes, you’ll uncover the severe consequences of unsafe ladder use, the diverse types of ladders, and their proper usage. 

Not just that, you’ll gain insights into the following: 

  • Ladder safety guidelines; 
  • Inspection procedures; 
  • Effective storage methods. 

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional, this course, also available in Spanish, offers the essential knowledge you need to ensure safety when climbing those rungs. 

And yes, upon completion, you’ll receive a certificate, a testament to your commitment to safety. So, let’s start climbing safely with UL – your trusted partner in safety training.

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Ladder Safety Awareness Course

Navigate the heights safely with UL’s ‘Ladder Safety Awareness Course.’ In just 12 minutes, this course equips you with crucial knowledge about different types of ladders, proper usage, and diligent inspection procedures. Fall-related accidents are more common and fatal than you think, but with the right knowledge, they are preventable. 

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Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an apprentice, this course is your key to using ladders safely at the workplace. With a certificate upon completion, UL’s course is a stamp of your commitment to safety. 

So, don’t just climb; climb safely with UL’s expert guidance.

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Ladder Safety For Construction, Parts 1-2

Embark on the path of safety with UL’s ‘Ladder Safety for Construction, Parts 1-2’. This 21-minute course teaches you to safely select, inspect, set up, and use ladders. 

Ladders might seem mundane, but their mishandling can lead to severe accidents, even fatalities. With this course, also available in Spanish, UL aims to minimize these risks, ensuring a safer working environment for everyone. 

So, if you’re in construction, this course is your stepping stone toward a safer workspace. Remember, it’s not just about climbing, but climbing safely with UL.

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Ladder Use VR Activity

Step into the future of safety training with 360 Immersive’ Ladder Uses VR Activity.’ This 15-minute course uses cutting-edge virtual reality technology to train you in the safe use and setup of A-Frame and extension ladders. 

You’ll learn how to choose the right ladder for the job, understand safety measures around electricity, and master the correct ways of climbing or descending ladders. The interactive VR simulation lets you spot potential ladder-related safety hazards in a virtual warehouse. 

Ideal for employees across all sectors, this course turns you into a master of safe ladder use.

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Ladder Inspection VR Activity

Immerse yourself in the world of ladder safety with 360 Immersive: Ladder Inspection VR Activity. This 20-minute virtual reality course brings you face-to-face with different ladder types and their usage basics. It emphasizes the criticality of pre-use inspections and what exactly to look for during these inspections. 

The interactive VR simulation takes it a step further, training you to identify potential safety hazards on an A-Frame ladder before usage. It’s not just a course; it’s an experience that gives you a robust understanding of ladder safety. 

Ideal for all employees, this course brings safety to life.

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Ladder Safety

Rethink safety with HSI’s ‘Ladder Safety’ course. This 22-minute course guides you through ladder types, positioning, climbing, and safe transportation. You’ll also get acquainted with ladder accessories, duty ratings, and OSHA’s ladder use requirements. 

Each segment is designed to prevent falls and injuries, providing you with skills to navigate ‘The World of Ladders’ confidently. Upon completion, you’ll receive a certificate acknowledging your mastery of ladder safety. 

Perfect for employees across all industries. Make the smart climb today!

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Ladder Safety: 01. The World Of Ladders

Prevent ladder-related mishaps with HSI’s’ Ladder Safety: 01. The World Of Ladders’. In just 8 minutes, this course provides a deep dive into the various types of ladders and how to choose the right one for your job. 

You’ll understand how to position and climb ladders safely, store them correctly, and meet OSHA’s requirements. By learning about duty ratings and using accessories effectively, you’ll further enhance your safety measures. 

This course, aimed at all employees, is the first step towards a safer working environment.

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Ladder Safety: 02. Positioning And Climbing Ladders

Boost your ladder safety skills with HSI’s’ Ladder Safety: 02. Positioning And Climbing Ladders’. This compact 7-minute course provides key insights into proper ladder inspection, correct setting, safe raising, and secure climbing practices. You’ll also explore the essential do’s and don’ts of ladder safety. 

This course, designed for all employees, adds another rung to your ladder safety knowledge. So, before you step up to any ladder task, step into this course first because, with HSI, safety always comes first.

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Ladder Safety: 03. Storing, Carrying, And Transporting Ladders

Ensure comprehensive ladder safety with HSI’s’ Ladder Safety: 03. Storing, Carrying, And Transporting Ladders’. This concise 7-minute course focuses on the often-overlooked aspects of ladder safety- 

  • Proper storage; 
  • Safe carrying; 
  • Secure transportation 

Mishandling ladders in these areas can risk your safety and that of others. By mastering these elements, you contribute to a safer environment for everyone. 

This course is your route to a broader understanding of ladder safety.

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Ladder Safety Online Training

Take your safety skills up a notch with Swift eLearning’s‘ Ladder Safety Online Training program. This 30-minute course provides essential knowledge about preventing slips and falls when using ladders. 

With focused chapters on types of ladders, inspections, and more, you’ll gain comprehensive insights about ladder safety. Perfect for all employees, the course ensures a firm grasp on ladder safety with engaging visuals and activities, followed by a final test.

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Ladder And Step Stool Safety Online Training – Retail Environments

A step towards safety with Swift eLearning’s ‘Ladder and Step Stool Safety Online Training – Retail Environments.’ In just 40 minutes, this course teaches you why and how to use ladders and step stools safely in a retail setting. 

It equips employees with guidelines for correctly using equipment, reducing injuries from slips and falls. With visual aids and a final test, you’ll master the art of safe equipment handling at the workplace. 

Step up and step safely with this comprehensive course.

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Ladder And Stilt Safety Online Training

Ensure your safety at heights with Swift eLearning’s’ Ladder and Stilt Safety Online Training’. This 30-minute course empowers you with essential ladder and stilt safety knowledge, including types, inspections, and safety tips. You’ll also learn about pertinent government legislation. 

With narration, engaging visuals, and a final test to gauge understanding, you’re set for comprehensive learning. Ideal for all employees, it’s time to climb with confidence and secure your workplace safety. Pause anytime; your progress is saved. 

Take a step towards safer ascents today!

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Ladder Safety (Course)

Take a crucial step towards safety with Syntrio’s ‘Ladder Safety’ course. This 45-minute investment arms you with the knowledge to identify and mitigate risks associated with portable ladders. 

You’ll learn about proper ladder selection, inspection, setup, and usage rules. Say yes to safety and earn a certificate in the process. 

Ideal for employees in every industry, it’s time to climb with confidence.

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Ladder Safety Made Simple (Course)

Climb the ladder to safety with TrainingABC’s ‘Ladder Safety Made Simple’ course. In just 15 minutes, you’ll unlock essential knowledge about the safe operation, maintenance, and use of ladders in commercial and industrial settings. 

You’ll understand ladder structures, surface specifics, inspection protocols, and fall prevention. Top it off with a certificate, signaling your commitment to safety. 

A must for employees keen on reaching new heights securely.

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Working With Ladders Course

Reach new heights of safety with Channel 1 Creative Media’s ‘Working With Ladders’ course. This brief 12-minute course will guide you on the following: 

  • How to plan and assess risks; 
  • Control those risks when working with ladders. 

You’ll ensure safer ladder use by identifying potential hazards and implementing effective accident prevention procedures. Complete with a certificate, this course is a crucial part of a broader 36-part Induction Series designed for blue-collar workers. 

So, make safety your priority, minimize risks, and let’s climb the ladder of safety together.

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Why Choose Coggno for Best Online Ladder Safety Courses?

  • Comprehensive Course Material: Coggno’s courses are thorough, covering all facets of ladder safety.
  • Convenience: With Coggno, you can learn at your own pace, from anywhere. This flexibility makes it an ideal choice for busy professionals.
  • Accredited Providers: Coggno’s course providers are accredited and experts in their fields. Their courses provide accurate information that is always up-to-date.
  • Affordable Pricing: Coggno’s ladder safety training programs are competitively priced, making professional safety training accessible to everyone.
  • Positive Reviews: Users rave about Coggno. The positive feedback and high ratings reflect Coggno’s commitment to delivering high-quality courses.



Enrolling in Top Ladder Safety Courses in 2023 can protect you from injuries and liabilities, foster a safety culture, and improve productivity. Investing in ladder safety training can be a game-changer. It’s about more than just complying with OSHA standards – it’s about ensuring a safe and productive environment for everyone.

Coggno is here to support you on this journey, providing you with the best online ladder safety courses to ensure you climb safely. 

So, are you ready to start your ladder safety training today? It’s time to step up (safely, of course). Let’s commit to getting certified in ladder safety. We’ll scale new heights with these top certification courses.

Why wait? Find your ladder safety course providers at Coggno and invest in your safety today. After all, a safe climb today is a sure step towards a brighter tomorrow. Let’s make it happen!

Enroll in a ladder safety course on Coggno today!


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