Perfect Options For Retail Training Home-Grown Employees


Perfect Options For Retail Training Home-Grown Employees

Erica Caramol | Sep, 16 2014


Retail training is another area that well suited to online LMS courses – and if the conditions are right, it’s particularly appropriate for the creation of customized training courses.

Any company can benefit from retail training covering a variety of sectors, providing training for all employees within an organization, including store employees, operations managers, and owners.

Of course, there are many online retail training courses available which are pre-packaged and ready to be implemented in an organization. But why not design your own, customized to your organization’s specific retail training requirements?

LMS platforms allow organizations to provide their employees and managers with robust training courses which are specifically designed for unique organizational structures. Using tools such as podcasts, video tools, simulation technology, streaming and other simple-to-use LMS tools, retail training can be tailored to individual companies and provided in a user-friendly way. For beginner authors of online courses, simple and user-friendly LMS course creation toolkits are available. Additionally, after designing a training course, authors can choose to syndicate the course, use it in-house only, or a combination of both.

Some LMS platforms include their own marketplace where online courses can be showcased and sold. Additionally, for the pre-packaged option, online courses that others have designed can also be found on some LMS sites. Shopping around for an online course is a must for organizations either unable or uninterested in designing their own courses. Of course, there is also the time factor. Designing online training requires a good amount of time, energy and planning. If you don’t have the resources or time for such an endeavor, you might opt for existing courses. However, if resources for authoring a customized course for your organization are available, you’ll find it’s worth the effort.

Coggno provides a robust learning management system platform. Coggno just introduced Subscriptions. Coggno subscriptions make it easy for you to provide your employees with an entire library of relevant quality training courses. Courses are instantly available for you to start distributing in a custom branded training management system that is provided for you.

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