Best Negotiation Courses Online With Certificates [2024]: 23 Trending Courses

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Best Negotiation Courses Online With Certificates [2024]: 23 Trending Courses

Anjali Dalal | Jun, 11 2024

23 Best Negotiation Courses You Must Take In 2024


What if you have the ability to secure better deals, resolve conflicts amicably, and lead more? Negotiation skills can turn this what-if into reality. In 2024, the landscape of negotiation is evolving rapidly, influenced by technological advancements and global market dynamics. 

Furthermore, employees with robust negotiation skills can earn more than their peers, and companies investing in negotiation training see an improvement in their employee and revenue performance. 

Whether you’re negotiating a multi-million dollar deal, a salary increase, or everyday agreements, the right negotiation training can make all the difference.

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Why Negotiation Skills Are Essential In 2024

Negotiation skills are not just about haggling for the best price. They encompass a range of abilities, including communication, strategy, empathy, and problem-solving

Here are some reasons why honing these skills is crucial in 2024:

  • Increased Globalization: With businesses operating globally, understanding and navigating cross-cultural negotiations is vital.
  • Remote Work: The rise of remote work necessitates new negotiation techniques to maintain relationships and productivity without face-to-face interactions.
  • Complex Business Deals: Modern business deals are often multi-faceted, involving numerous stakeholders and intricate details.
  • Conflict Resolution: Effective negotiation is key to resolving conflicts swiftly and maintaining healthy workplace dynamics.

Given these trends, it’s clear that effective negotiation skills can lead to better personal and professional outcomes. Investing in negotiation training is a step towards mastering these essential skills.

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The 23 Best Negotiation Courses You Must Take In 2024


#1. Negotiating

Learn to negotiate with ease in this 45-minute course. In this course, you will discover effective strategies to manage difficult individuals and bring positive outcomes even in the most trying situations. This course is perfect for employees seeking to enhance their negotiation prowess. Available in English with a certificate upon completion.

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#2. Negotiation Skills Course

You can brush up your negotiation prowess with this concise yet comprehensive 10-minute video course. In this course, you will explore negotiation stages, optimal outcomes, and effective tactics to negotiate with confidence. Available in English, this course offers practical insights for employees seeking to sharpen their negotiation skills and gain them a certificate upon completion.

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#3. They Win You Win

Learn the art and science of negotiation with this four-part course, which lasts 40 minutes. It delves into the intricacies of negotiating deals that satisfy all parties involved. From understanding negotiation stages to recognizing different styles and tones, this course provides employees and supervisors with essential skills for successful negotiations. While this English course does not offer a certificate, participants can bookmark key sections for future reference. 

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#4. Negotiation (Striving For A Win-Win) Course

Gain insight into the art of negotiation with this 30-minute course. It discusses why negotiation skills are crucial in personal and business communication. With a focus on practical application, learners will understand various negotiation types and learn to navigate common pitfalls, such as false assumptions, during communication. Ideal for employees seeking to enhance their negotiation abilities. Available in English with a certificate upon completion.

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#5. Negotiation Skills (Course)

With this 60-minute course, learners will learn the essential skills to negotiate better deals in any situation. They will discover how negotiations form the bedrock of successful businesses and life-changing opportunities. This course empowers employees with the ability to diplomatically ask for what they deserve, whether in the boardroom or in everyday interactions. It is available in English and has bookmarking functionality for convenient access.

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#6. 18 Tough Acts Of Management: Win-Win Negotiation Course

This course, tailored for managers and leaders, challenges the notion of negotiation as mere competition, emphasizing collaboration for desired outcomes. In just 5 minutes, participants will learn to adopt a positive mindset, understand the situation, and develop rapport to leverage the power of negotiation. They will learn the importance of preparing BATNA (Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement) for successful outcomes. Available in English, with audio narration, video content, and job aids for enhanced learning. 

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#7. Practical Negotiations: Explore, Expand, Divide, Agree

This course, developed by negotiation experts trained at Harvard Law School, offers a practical and strategic framework for negotiation success. Drawing from the experiences of negotiators in Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, and various professional sectors, participants will gain insights into negotiation techniques. It is available in English and has bookmarking functionality for easy reference. It is ideal for employees seeking to sharpen their negotiation skills.

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#8. Negotiating: 01. Introduction To Negotiating

This 4-minute course challenges the misconception that negotiation equates to conflict. Instead, it offers a liberating view that portrays negotiation as a means to neutralize conflict and resolve problems. This training is Ideal for employees who are seeking a new outlook on negotiation. This course is available in English, and no certificate has been provided.

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#9. Negotiating: 02. Framing

This course improves your negotiation skills in less than 5 minutes. You will delve into the powerful technique of framing, which will illustrate how your focus and perspective can shape negotiation results. You will also learn about the structure, pros and cons, and practical applications of framing. The course is perfect for you if you are looking to refine your negotiation skills. This English course is available and ideal for those looking to leverage framing and enhance their negotiation strategies.

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#10. Negotiating: 03. Styles

With this course, you will discover your negotiation style in 7 minutes. You will explore various negotiation styles, such as avoiding, accommodating, and compromising. You will also understand each style’s benefits, risks, and ideal scenarios to enhance your negotiation toolkit. This course is perfect for you if you are seeking to adapt and expand your negotiation strategies.

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#11. Negotiating: 04. Identifying Leverage

You can maximize your negotiation potential with this 4-minute course. With this course, you will learn to identify and develop your leverage in any negotiation scenario. This course explores the four types of leverage, and you will gain practical tips on using them to your advantage. This course is perfect for employees seeking to enhance their negotiation strategies and achieve better outcomes. This course is available in English with no certificate.

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#12. Negotiating: 05. Analyzing Upcoming Negotiations

This course provides invaluable insights into the importance of negotiation preparation in just 5 minutes. It teaches you how to assess yourself and the other party, meeting topics and goals to ensure you’re fully prepared for upcoming negotiations. This course is available in English and is ideal for individuals seeking efficient yet effective preparation techniques. 

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#13. Negotiating: 06. Planning For Negotiations

This 3-minute course provides invaluable last-minute tips to ensure you’re fully prepared for negotiation day. Whether you’re aiming for smoother negotiations or seeking to boost your confidence, this course equips employees with essential planning strategies. Available in English, it is ideal for employees seeking quick, effective negotiation preparation techniques.

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#14. Negotiating: 07. The Negotiation Process

This 4-minute course explores critical steps, including defining ground rules, clarification, bargaining, and closure. It is ideal for employees seeking to refine their negotiation skills and offers practical insights for navigating each stage of the negotiation journey. This course is available in English but does not offer a certificate.

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#15. Negotiating: 08. Reaching Agreement

This 5-minute course teaches you how to have successful negotiations. You will explore common scenarios where negotiations can stall and learn effective tools to overcome these obstacles. This course guides employees to the crucial point of agreement and ensures successful negotiation outcomes. It is available in English and is ideal for employees seeking to resolve negotiation impasses efficiently.

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#16. Negotiating: 09. Evaluating Your Performance

Wrap up your negotiation with finesse with this 3-minute course. This course guides you through evaluating your performance post-agreement. You will learn essential questions to ask yourself across various areas to glean valuable insights for future negotiations. With final tips to enhance your negotiation skills, this course maximizes learning from each negotiation experience. This course, available in English, is ideal for individuals aiming to continually improve their negotiation skills.

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#17. Negotiating: 10. Disc Styles

This course provides valuable insights into negotiation dynamics in a short span of four minutes. It introduces the DISC personality model and its application in negotiations. Learners will explore the common characteristics and behaviors of each personality type and discover how to identify which types harmonize best. The course is available in English and is ideal for individuals aiming to improve negotiation outcomes. 

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#18. Negotiating: 11. Dealing With Strategies

This 3-minute course explores various negotiation strategies and helps you learn how to handle and implement them. You will discover the best strategies to use in different scenarios and gain insights into the strategic aspect of negotiations. It is perfect for employees looking to improve their negotiation tactics.

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#19. How To Negotiate Salary: Negotiating A Raise Or Promotion

This course will empower you to ask for a raise or promotion. This engaging online training course uses storytelling, case studies, and humor to teach you essential negotiation skills. In one hour, you’ll learn to formulate a winning game plan, discover the best timing, and get tips to use immediately. With eight customizable templates for tracking accomplishments, creating a digital portfolio, and presenting salary research, you’ll be well-prepared to secure the highest salary range.

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#20. Negotiation Skills Course

This 12-minute course will give you essential tips and strategies to become an effective negotiator. You will learn the importance of preparation, handling objections and the value of questioning. This course is a part of an 8-part Management Series. It is perfect for aspiring managers, supervisors, and anyone looking to enhance their communication and leadership skills. This course is available in English and earns you a certificate upon course completion. 

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#21. Negotiation Skills Course

This course will help you master everyday negotiation. This 60-minute workshop covers negotiation types, phases, and essential skills. You will learn key concepts like WATNA, BATNA, WAP, and ZOPA, develop effective bargaining techniques, and handle personal attacks. This course is available in English and earns you a certificate upon completion. 

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#22. Negotiating Your Salary And Benefits

This course will teach you to negotiate your salary and benefits in just 5 minutes. You will discover strategies to determine your worth, evaluate total compensation packages, and negotiate for what you deserve. You will also understand the importance of timing and approach when asking for more. This course is perfect for employees faced with salary and benefits negotiations.

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#23. The Art Of Negotiation Course

In this 40-minute course, you will learn essential skills to negotiate for success and satisfaction in various aspects of life. Through strategic application exercises and multimedia resources, this course equips you with the tools to communicate, navigate complex negotiations, and secure agreements in writing. It is available in English and earns you a certificate upon completion.

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Why You Should Take Negotiation Training From Coggno

Coggno is a leading online marketplace for enterprise training. We offer a diverse range of negotiation courses. But that’s not it. Here’s why you should consider Coggno for your negotiation skills training:


Wide Range Of Courses

Coggno features a broad spectrum of negotiation courses, catering to various levels of expertise and industry requirements. 


Flexible Learning

Coggno’s courses are for busy professionals. Our online courses offer them the flexibility to learn at their own pace. 



Upon completing a course on Coggno, you receive a certification that validates your skills and knowledge. 


FAQs On Negotiation Skills

Below are some of the frequently asked questions on negotiation skills and training.


Q. Why Are Negotiation Skills Important?

Negotiation skills are crucial as they help you achieve better deals, resolve conflicts, and build stronger personal and professional relationships. They lead to more favorable outcomes in various scenarios, from business transactions to everyday interactions.


Q. What Are The Key Components Of Negotiation Skills?

Key components of negotiation skills include preparation, effective communication, active listening, empathy, problem-solving, and the ability to find win-win solutions.


Q. Who Should Take Negotiation Training?

Negotiation training benefits professionals across various industries, including sales, marketing, management, human resources, and law. Anyone looking to improve their negotiation skills should consider negotiation training.


Q. What Are The Benefits Of Negotiation Training?

Benefits include:

  • Improved negotiation skills.
  • Increased confidence.
  • Better conflict resolution.
  • Enhanced communication abilities.
  • Achieving more favorable outcomes in negotiations.


Q. Are Online Negotiation Courses Effective?

Online negotiation courses can be highly effective, especially when they include interactive content, practical exercises, and feedback opportunities. Coggno offers a range of engaging and practical online negotiation courses.


Q. Can I Get A Certification From A Negotiation Course?

Many courses, including those on Coggno, provide certification upon completion. This can enhance your professional credentials and demonstrate your negotiation expertise.


Q. Can Negotiation Skills Training Help In My Personal Life?

Yes, it can help navigate personal relationships, resolve conflicts, and achieve mutually beneficial agreements in various situations.


Q. Where Can I Find Negotiation Skills Training?

Various providers offer negotiation skills training, including online platforms like Coggno. Coggno offers a wide range of courses to meet different needs and skill levels.


Q. How Can I Choose The Right Negotiation Training Course?

Consider course content, instructor expertise, format (online or in-person), duration, cost, and certification availability. Coggno offers a variety of courses to suit different needs.


Q. Why Are Negotiation Techniques Important?

They help navigate the negotiation process, achieve better outcomes, and build stronger relationships, leading to successful negotiations and mutually beneficial agreements.


Q. Who Should Take A Negotiation Skills Course?

Anyone looking to improve their negotiation abilities, whether for professional or personal reasons, should consider taking a negotiation skills course. Professionals in sales, marketing, management, law, and human resources can particularly benefit.


Q. Are There Online Negotiation Skills Courses Available?

Many online courses are available, and platforms like Coggno offer a range of flexible and convenient online negotiation skills courses for busy professionals.


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Bottom Line

Investing in negotiation training in 2024 is a strategic move that can significantly enhance your personal and professional life. Coggno’s diverse range of negotiation courses provides an excellent opportunity to develop your negotiation skills, learn advanced techniques, and achieve better outcomes. Explore Coggno’s offerings today and become a master negotiator.

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