21 Safety Training Courses and Certifications Online 2024

Safety First: 21 Top Safety Training Courses Certification Online for 2023

21 Safety Training Courses and Certifications Online 2024

Anjali Dalal | Jul, 7 2023

Top 21 Safety Training Courses Online 2024

In 2023, workplace accidents climbed to an alarming 2.8 million cases. That’s where the safety courses step in. 

You might wonder why this topic is crucial. 

Safety courses are the lifeblood of a secure working environment. Without them, we risk our health and the prosperity of the companies we love.

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What is workplace safety?

Workplace safety is the harmony between employees’ well-being and the operations of a company. It’s the: 

  • Precautionary measures we take 
  • Protocols we follow 
  • Environments we shape.

Picture this. You’re at your desk, and suddenly a fire breaks out in the pantry. Panic ensues, and everyone runs helter-skelter. But what if we had followed the safety drills, had fire extinguishers in place, and, most importantly, knew how to use them? 

That’s the power of workplace safety.

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Why is workplace safety important?

Workplace safety is important for the following reasons:

  1. Protects Employees: Workplace safety keeps you away from harm. It ensures that your health and well-being are never compromised.
  2. Boost Productivity: When we feel safe, we can focus on our tasks, increasing productivity.
  3. Legal Obligation: There are laws in place making workplace safety mandatory. You wouldn’t want to land on the wrong side of them, would you?
  4. Manages Reputation: Imagine the impact on your company’s reputation when it’s known for a safe and secure environment. Priceless, isn’t it?
  5. Cost-Effective: Accidents can lead to financial losses. Why not invest in safety courses and save on these unforeseen expenses?

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Top Safety Training Courses Certification Online for 2023


Top 21 safety courses in 2024 from Coggno?

At Coggno, we offer a wide array of safety courses that are both comprehensive and tailored to your needs. Let’s look at some of them:


1. Focus Four: Struck-by-Awareness VR Activity

With this course by 360 Immersive, you dive deep into the hazards of flying, falling, swinging, and rolling dangers at work. This course does the following:

  • Sharpens your situational awareness skills; 
  • Guides you to spot common hazards while working with tools, equipment, and heavy machinery

Furthermore, you learn to handle the main struck-by hazards and implement best practices. This 15-minute virtual reality experience revolutionizes safety training, all in English, for employee accessibility. 

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2. Electrocution Awareness VR Activity

Electrocution Awareness VR Activity is a dynamic training experience that gives you a powerful tool against one of construction’s Fatal four dangers: electrocution. Over a brief 20-minute span, you will learn the following: 

  • The differences between shock and electrocution; 
  • Safety controls;
  • Potential hazards like overhead power lines and damaged equipment. 

As you virtually navigate a construction job site, you’ll sharpen your skills to spot and avoid electrical hazards. This course makes understanding complex safety measures simple and engaging, reshaping how you approach electrical safety.

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3. Earthmoving Equipment

Earthmoving Equipment is a 15-minute immersive course that demystifies the complex world of construction equipment. As you explore different types, you’ll grasp the common hazards, safety controls, and key features associated with them. 

Furthermore, you’ll delve into the crucial role of- 

  • Preventative maintenance; 
  • Regular inspections; 
  • Proper usage under diverse conditions. 

Through an interactive simulation, you’ll get hands-on experience identifying hazards on a construction site. This course empowers you to navigate the world of earthmoving equipment with newfound confidence and expertise.

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4. Electrical Hazards – BE SAFE Part 2: Arc Flash/Blast, Fire, And Explosion VR Activity

Another course from 360 Immersive is a 25-minute interactive session. It uncovers the essentials of electrical hazards. You’ll decode the acronym “AFE” – Arc Flash/Blast, Fire, and Explosion – to understand and mitigate these risks at work. 

Furthermore, through an interactive virtual warehouse experience, you’ll learn to spot hazards that can trigger an arc flash, electrical fire, or explosion. You’ll also integrate best work practices to prevent injuries, enhancing your self-awareness around electricity. This course takes the mystery out of complex electrical safety concepts, making you a safer, more informed employee.

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5. Fire Extinguisher Inspection VR Activity

Fire Extinguisher Inspection VR Activity is a concise 11-minute course that offers a deep dive into the crucial task of fire extinguisher inspections. With this course, you’ll learn to: 

  • Identify the key parts of a fire extinguisher; 
  • Comprehend the types of inspections required; 
  • Understand the significance of inspection schedules. 

Furthermore, you’ll get knowledge performing a step-by-step inspection of a standard fire extinguisher in a simulated environment. It’s a short course with a massive impact on safety.

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6. Welding And Hotwork Part 1 VR Activity

Welding And Hotwork Part 1 VR Activity takes you on a 20-minute journey into the intricacies of welding-related hazards. The course covers common body hazards and the safety controls related to welding, cutting, and grinding. 

Furthermore, it focuses on the following: 

You’ll learn to spot and rectify hazardous welding operations through an interactive simulation. It will hone your skills to ensure a safer workplace.

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7. Welding And Hotwork Part 2

Welding And Hotwork Part 2″ is a 20-minute course that expands your knowledge of welding and grinding hazards at work. It goes beyond the basics, covering topics like 

  • Gas cylinder safety; 
  • Fire precautions in hot work areas; 
  • The role of fire suppression equipment; 
  • Fire watch responsibilities. 

Furthermore, you’ll get familiar with the hot work permit requirements. By the end of this interactive course, you’ll have mastered the safety practices for welding and hotwork and be prepared to deal with potential hazards. 

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8. Fire Extinguisher Inspection VR Activity

Fire Extinguisher Inspection VR Activity transforms the mundane task of fire extinguisher inspection into an immersive 11-minute learning experience. You’ll delve into the following: 

  • Identifying key parts of a fire extinguisher; 
  • Understand various inspection types;
  • Get familiar with the inspection schedules. 

This course also empowers you to make your workplace safer and prepare for fire-related emergencies. 

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9. Emergency Action Plan And Medical Services VR Activity

Emergency Action Plan And Medical Services VR Activity is a 15-minute guide. It empowers you to be the change in the face of a crisis. Furthermore, it introduces you to the different types of emergencies that can occur on a job site. 

More importantly, it details the expectations, requirements, and procedures of a robust Emergency Action Plan (EAP). Through an interactive simulation, you’ll learn how to respond to various common emergencies, putting the EAP procedures to practice. 

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10. Trenching Awareness

Trenching Awareness is a 20-minute course that delves into the basics of trenching and excavation hazards at work. This interactive experience enlightens you about the protective measures to ensure safety in and around trenching areas. 

Furthermore, you’ll get insights into the following: 

  • Identifying different types of trenching hazards; 
  • Controlling these risks; 
  • Understanding the critical role of a competent person in trench safety. 

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11. Ladder Inspection VR Activity

Stepping Up Safety – Ladder Inspection VR Activity is a 20-minute virtual course that elevates your understanding of ladder usage. It introduces you to different ladder types, categories, and their ratings. 

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This training emphasizes the significance of thorough pre-use inspections and helps you discern what to check during these evaluations. You’ll virtually inspect an A-Frame ladder, spotting potential hazards on various components. 

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12. Hazard Communication VR Activity

Hazard Communication VR Activity is a 25-minute course that educates you about the global standards of hazard communication. You’ll explore the following: 

  • 16 sections of a Safety Data Sheet; 
  • Meanings behind the 9 Pictograms; 
  • Signal words, and precautionary statements 

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Furthermore, it sheds light on container labeling requirements and other guidelines crucial in a warehouse setting. Through an interactive simulation, you’ll: 

  • Interpret parts of Safety Data Sheets; 
  • Observe different chemical labels; 
  • Learn how to respond to a spill. 

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13. Forklift: Key On Inspection

Forklift: Key On Inspection” is a 15-minute course that equips you with the skills for performing the second part of the pre-operation forklift inspection. You’ll understand the significance and frequency of the pre-operation inspection and the steps to follow if a forklift needs to be removed from service. 

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It guides you in verifying the proper working order of lights, dashboard panels, safety devices, and more. By the end of this course, you’ll be ready to perform a key-on inspection of a forklift, ensuring a safer and smoother operation.

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14. Forklift: Key Off Inspection

Forklift: Key Off Inspection is a 15-minute course that prepares you for the first part of the pre-operation forklift inspection. This module does the following: 

  • Simplifies the process of general inspections; 
  • Breaks down the requirements for electric, internal combustion, and liquid propane forklifts. 

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Furthermore, it emphasizes the significance and frequency of pre-operation inspections and instructs on the necessary steps when a forklift doesn’t pass inspection. 

By the end of this course, you’ll be well-equipped to carry out a key-off inspection of a forklift, setting the stage for a safer workspace.

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15. Forklift Operator Awareness Part 2

Forklift Operator Awareness Part 2″ is a 15-minute course that steers you through the advanced aspects of forklift operation. The course demystifies the forklift’s center of gravity and its shifting nature during operation. You’ll learn best practices for driving on inclines, properly stopping, and parking a forklift. 

Furthermore, it unravels the following: 

  • The risks of tip-overs; 
  • The strategies to avoid such accidents; 
  • The crucial differences between working away from a forklift versus leaving it unattended. 

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16. Forklift Operator Awareness Part 1

Forklift Operator Awareness Part 1″ is a 15-minute training module laying the foundation for your forklift operation skills. It illuminates the different types of forklifts, their associated hazards, and the control mechanisms unique to various lifts. 

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Furthermore, the course also delves into driver awareness tips and safe driving practices. By the end of this training, you’ll understand how forklifts differ from other vehicles and be well-versed in forklift inspection and maintenance programs. 

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17. Fire Extinguisher Use VR Activity

Fire Extinguisher Use VR Activity” is a 15-minute course that prepares you to tackle fire emergencies effectively. You’ll learn when to use a portable extinguisher, when to evacuate, and when to call emergency services. 

It also guides you on the right course of action if you’re uncomfortable tackling a fire. You’ll respond to various fire scenarios through an interactive simulation.

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18. Fall Protection Systems VR Activity

Fall Protection Systems VR Activity is a 15-minute interactive course in safety training that takes you to great heights. You’ll learn about the following: 

  • Different types of fall protection systems; 
  • The conditions that warrant their use; 
  • How to protect yourself from falling objects. 

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It offers insights into the following: 

  • Body belts 
  • Working positioning systems 
  • Travel restraint systems 

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19. Emergency Planning: Exits And Egress

Emergency Planning: Exits And Egress is a 15-minute course that guides you through emergency exits and safe building navigation. You’ll learn about the importance of maintaining clear emergency exits and recognizing the three sections of an exit route. 

The module also elucidates the following: 

  • The understanding of exits and egress signage; 
  • How to ensure exit routes remain obstruction-free. 

You’ll apply your newly acquired knowledge through a simulated fire emergency, identifying hazards and following an evacuation plan.

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20. Electrical Equipment Inspection

Electrical Equipment Inspection is a 15-minute course that electrifies your understanding of portable equipment safety. This training details visually inspecting handheld tools for various cord and plug electrical hazards. 

You’ll learn how to check the following: 

  • Double-insulated tools; 
  • Two-prong and three-prong plugs;
  • Extension cords for electrocution hazards 

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21. Bloodborne Pathogens: Universal Precautions

Bloodborne Pathogens: Universal Precaution is a 15-minute course that navigates the complexities of safety measures around Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) in the workplace. 

It offers a broad understanding of different types of BBPs and reminds you to refrain from touching another person’s bodily fluids unless it’s part of your job responsibility. 

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to identify where BBPs can be found and develop a deeper understanding of BBP exposure and transmission.

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Why choose Coggno?

Coggno stands out in the safety training landscape. We offer an interactive and engaging learning experience, keeping you updated with the latest safety norms. Our courses are designed with the learner in mind, making safety education an enjoyable journey.

  1. Engaging Content: How often have you felt your attention wavering during a training session? Coggno changed that game. We provide interactive and engaging content that ensures learning is never a drag but a journey you look forward to.
  2. Up-to-date Courses: In the world of safety, regulations evolve, and staying updated is key. With Coggno, you always have access to courses aligned with the latest safety norms. We don’t want you to lag behind, do we?
  3. Flexible Learning: We understand you have a job to do, and finding time for courses can be challenging. That’s why we offer flexible learning options. You can learn at your own pace, in your own time. It’s your learning journey, after all.
  4. Expert Instructors: Would you trust an amateur to teach you about safety? Of course not. Coggno has a team of expert instructors with years of experience in the field of workplace safety. They know the ropes, and they’re here to guide you.
  5. Affordable Pricing: Quality education often comes with a hefty price tag. But at Coggno, we believe in providing top-notch courses at prices that won’t break the bank. Because, for us, your safety and learning are paramount.



We’ve journeyed together through the importance of safety in our workplaces and how it impacts not only our individual lives but the companies we work for. 

Coggno’s safety courses emerge as a beacon of hope in this scenario, providing the necessary tools to create a safe and secure working environment. And remember, when it comes to safety, there is always more to learn and implement. 

Let’s step into a safer tomorrow with Coggno today.

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